Manage Customer Inquiries

Although you’ll create provide lots of information and details about your products and services, potential customers will still have questions. They’ll want to ask additional questions relative to their specific needs.

Now, you might ask, what’s the difference between a customer creating a support ticket and someone creating an inquiry for my product? Support tickets are different in that they can only be created by an already paying customer. Inquiries are made by people who haven’t yet bought your product or service.

Customers can ask questions by creating inquiries in multiple ways.

Method 1: Clicking the ‘Ask a Question’ button on any trip’s detail page.

Method 2: Visiting your store’s public page and clicking ‘Inquiry’

If a customer is logged in to their account, they’ll see an inquiry form like the one pictured above.

If a customer is not logged in to an account will see an inquiry form like the one pictured above.

When you receive a new inquiry from a customer, you’ll receive a notification in your dashboard. The inquiry icon will gain a new number next to it, reflecting all unread inquiry notifications.

Upon arriving at the inquiry screen in your Store Manager, you’ll see relevant information in regards to inquiries submitted by customers such as the question itself, the customer’s name and contact info, how many replies have been sent to the customer, and the date the last message was sent. Click on the arrows to the right to reply to the inquiry.

Customers can manage their inquiries in their account dashboard.

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