Live Chat

There is an Inquiry and Support Ticket system, but this doesn’t allow for instant communication with customers, so we’ve added a live chat system which gives you the ability to interact with your customers and improve your customer satisfaction rate.

You may manage chat requests from your Store Manager Dashboard-> Left menu Chat Box

Customers can initiate a chat with vendors via the ‘Chat Now‘ button on the store page.

Upon pressing ‘Chat Now’, a chat box will appear on the customer’s screen in which they’ll enter contact information as well as a message. If you are offline, their message will be sent to your email inbox and you’ll receive their contact email address as well. You will have to reply to the customer’s message via email.


To go online, you will need to click the button in the red box. This can be found in the Store Manager Dashboard-> Left menu Chat Box. You can go online or offline at will. This is useful if you have specific business hours or are on vacation.

When you go online, customers can send messages directly to you and you’ll be able to communicate with them instantly.

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