Account Dashboard Guide

Your traveler account has much to offer. We’ll go through all of the available features that you have access to in your dashboard to help you get acclimated.


The first that you’ll see when you log in will be the main dashboard screen, which doesn’t display much besides a very brief overview of some of the capabilities available to you in your traveler account.


In the Orders tab, you’ll have access to review all your recent and past orders. If you’ve subscribed to a payment plan to purchase a product, each time you pay your invoice, a new order will be created, which will be available for viewing here as well.

Scheduled Orders

Scheduled orders are created when a customer checks out using a payment plan to make a purchase.

In the pictured example, a customer has booked a trip to China and has chosen a 3 month payment plan to pay for the trip. Upon checkout, a customer is required to make an initial deposit with 3 additional payments scheduled once per month for the next 3 months (you can see the same date is shown for three consecutive months). 

When the day comes for a schedule order to be paid, the payment is not made automatically and a customer will need to manually pay the invoice by clicking on the ‘Pay’ button circled in blue.

After you click the ‘Pay’ button, you’ll be redirected to the checkout page where you will pay the invoice.


As downloadable products such as books, courses and others become available, this is where you can access them.


This is where you can add your billing and shipping address for a faster checkout process. You can also update your address if necessary.

Payment Methods

This tab allows you to save your preferred methods of payments, which is recommended for a quicker and easier checkout process. All financial and personal information entered are secure and are protected via HTTPS and SSL encryption.

Account Details

In account details, you can enter your name and contact details to receive order updates, communicate vendors and more. This information will also be auto populated during checkout to speed up the process. You also have the ability to change your password if need be.


This tab allows you to manage the vendors that you follow as well as their contact email and a link to their store on the site. When following a vendor, you will be notified as new product is added by that vendor. This is a great way to keep up with new trips, events or products from your favorite brands.

Support Tickets

This tab allows you to view any open support tickets that you have. A support ticket is simply communication between you and a vendor about an order or booking that has been placed. If you have questions about or are having issues with a purchase, you can open a support ticket for that order in the ‘Orders’ tab and clicking ‘Support’.


Inquiries are similar to support tickets, with the difference being that you do not need to have placed an order with a vendor to inquire about their products. If you have questions about a products before purchasing, you can create an inquiry by visiting the vendor’s store and clicking on the ‘

Passport Points

This tab presents you with the total amount of Passport points available as well as when you’ve earned each set of points. To find out more information about Passport Points, check out our Loyalty Program.

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