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Introducing Telegram Group Chats

Customer retention is undoubtedly the lifeline to a thriving business. Here at BPS we’re constantly thinking of new ways to limit ‘buyer’s remorse’, which is the sense of regret after having made a purchase. This feeling of regret becomes more apparent in the world of travel where a customer will book a trip and then realize that they may be waiting months or years to enjoy the service that they’ve paid for.

To limit buyer’s remorse, we’ve implemented a very effective strategy: group chats. A chat, filled with other customers who have booked the same trip, removes the feeling of being ‘alone’ in a purchase, creates the opportunity for the cultivation of new friendships, allows for you to keep customers informed instantly with the most recent updates relating to the trip, and within the chat, you can address any questions or concerns a customer may have, directly.

How It Works

Customer Books Your Trip

We Create the Telegram Chat

We send an email invitation to join the chat

*You only receive one email upon creation of the chat

You and the customers join the chat




Join Telegram

Telegram is an online messaging app that works just like popular messaging apps WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. Telegram is one of the most secure apps with privacy as its focus. Telegram is available for download and use internationally.

Download Telegram

 Join the BPS group chat

Keep an eye out for invitation emails to group chats for your trips to stay in touch with your customers.

Additional Information

Telegram offers settings to hide your personal contact information. Customers will NOT be able to call you or contact you outside of Telegram if you do not allow it. When you join Telegram, please message us (search for ‘Black Passport Stamps’) via private message so that we can save your contact for future group chat invitation

Vendors will be made an ‘Admin’ in the group chat(s) associated with their trip(s). This means that you will have the ability to invite members, remove members and change any information associated with the group chat. Black Passport Stamps will remain hands-off after we create the group chat(s) for your trip(s). You (the vendor and your team) will be solely responsible for managing the group chat(s).

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